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 Term & Conditions Conection with Our Service
In using this website to book and participate in our tour services, you are deemed to have read, acknowledged and accepted our terms and conditions. We are ready to provide further information you may need to the conditions set out in this Agreement.
1)Who we are?
1.1)We are jet ski organizer based in Phuket registered under Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) License No. 34 / 00395 and Department of Business Development Ministry of Commerce (DBD) that's mean we are legal tour company to organizing jet ski tour in Phuket
1.2) You / Buyer / Guest  is the second party mean "Customer" who has booked and need us to organize the tours and service above and paid direct via Phuket Jet Ski Tour.
1.3) We ware the right and the legal to responsibility towards the customer and protect our customer under Thai Government Law.
2)How to Book?
2.1)Customer can book via email, whatsapp direct with us.
2.2)We will take 1-2 business to check your booking availability
2.3)We will re-confirm your booking by email + tour voucher by e-mail It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check that such an e-mail has been received and contact us immediately by e-mail if it has not been received  
3)Payment Policy (individual & Group)
3.1)Full payment requrie for individual and group tour is require when confirm your booking.
3.2) Group tour minimum 12 pax need to make a deposit. We will notify you by email or telephone.
4)Cancellation Policy & Refund (Group & Individual)
4.1)Incase of customer (individual & Group) make a booking already and need to cancel your booking you **MUST** cancelation in the same day of your booking before 04.00pm. and we will refund full payment to you by paid back in the same way as the customer book the tour.
4.2) Should the customer cancellation after paragraph 4.1, we will charge 3 % of tour cost (individual & Group) 
5)Claim & Refund
5.1)Any claims in regards to a tour must be communicated by e-mail by the customer not more than 7 days after the tour date. Claim and refund will charge 3 % of tour cost. (see paragraph 4.1) 
5.2)Any personal incident / inconvenience that may lead to a claim must be reported to tour organize at the time of occurrence by asking the tour guide or by calling the hotline number specified on the tour voucher.
5.3)Any refund due to an incident / inconvenience that has been fulfilled by paragraph 5.2 can only be granted if the incident / inconvenience is verifiable by the tour operator and the tour operator agrees to grant a refund. Payment will be paid back in the same way as the customer book the tour and will charge 3 % of tour cost.
6)Change Tour Programe
6.1)Changes the tour programe and details such, No. of pax, date of travel, pick-up time and location etc) is free of charge and must be communicated via e-mail / Phone / WhatsApp / Line within15-30 days before travel date by specifying the tour voucher number for the tour detail in question.
7)No Show Policy & Travel with Own Vehicle
7.1)Should the customer not standby or wait for pick up at the place and time as we notify and specified on the tour voucher, or does not join the tour without reasons to explain to us, no refund is applicable no matter the reason
7.2)Should the customer travel with your own vehicle to the meeting point such, harbor in Phuket while you book the tour. We will notify all detail such the name of the harbor and time to arrive in the tour voucher.
7.3)Incase of the customer travels by own vehicle and arrive late while tour depart already. Regarded is the fault of the customer and under this circumstances, Phuket Jet Ski Tour will not refunded all payment
7.3.1If the driver does show up in the designated time frame given but the guest does not, the driver has the right to wait for another 10 minutes max after the last time given and then leave if the customer does not show up. This is so the driver stays on schedule in respect for the other passengers waiting for their pick up. The guest will be considered a no show and guests will be charged the full amount that was paid for the booking.
7.4)In case of customer late and the tour operator claim that they were at the place at time specified on the tour voucher and we have not received contact / communicate such a telephone call from the customer no refund is applicable. To prove the case request may be made to tour operator for GPS tracker log, photos etc and to customer for contact details of hotel staff witness, photos, hotel CCTV footage etc.
7.5) Pick up and drop off times for tours depend on the number of passengers participating from different hotels. Mixed group tours where multiple hotel pick up stops are required may result in a delayed pick up or drop off schedule proposed for your hotel
8)Island Entrance & Beach Fee
8.1)Some islands and beach around Phuket are private and owned by individuals or company with documents / title deed which confirmed by the government. So if you want to go up to those islands /and beaches you may have to pay a very high price
9)Pregnant Woman / Disable / Congenital Diseasey
9.1)Pregnant women, disable poerson and people who has congenitial disease are not allowed on the tour. Please inform us before travel.
10)Children & Elderly
10.1)We are not allow children age lower 7 year old and senior citizen over 70 year old join the tour.
11)Weather & Sea Conditions
11.1)In general, our jet ski tours operate rain or shine. In the unusual occasion where the tour needs to be cancelled due to unsafe weather and sea conditions or other circumstances, we will notify you either the late evening before or the early morning of your trip. You can either reschedule to a different date (free of charge) or receive a full refund of whatever you have already paid.
(Refund by credit card will charge 3 %)
11.2)Our tours are almost always carried out as scheduled even in non-optimal weather conditions. As such, individual cancellations requested due to intimidating, but safe weather conditions will be 100% charged.
12)General Tour Condition
12.1)The content, timing and order of scheduled activities as provided in the program itinerary are subject to change based on weather, sea and unforeseen conditions on the day of your tour.



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